Why Register?

Although many of WWSU's features are available to everyone without the need of an account, having a free account on our website enables more perks and functionality. If you're a fan of WWSU Radio, why not create a free account to enjoy all the features?

Here is a list of benefits you have when using a free WWSU account. This list can change over time, especially if more functionality is added:
  • You'll no longer have to enter in CAPTCHAs to prove you're a human.
  • You'll earn points for your activity on our website, which can be used for a growing list of things.
  • You'll have your own profile on our website, which includes but not limited to the following:
    • an avatar
    • Profile information (bio, favorite radio show genres, favorite tracks, contact info, etc.)
    • Photo
    • Ability to add content to personal photo/video galleries (when applicable)
    • Ability to add personal blogs
    • be-friend other members
    • Send and receive charms (virtual gifts) using your points to/from other members, including WWSU DJs and staff
  • You can send and receive private topics and instant messages between you and other members, including WWSU DJs and staf.
  • You can receive configurable notifications (via. web and/or email) for a variety of things, such as new content being added, posts in forums you're monitoring, comments made on content you submitted, reminders of upcoming events and favorite radio shows you subscribe to, and more.
  • You will be trusted more by staff than guests. Thus, violations of rules are less likely to result in an immediate ban. We still advise against violating them as they ensure quality user experience for all.
  • Your username and profile will be associated with all comments, forum posts, and content you submit to WWSU's website (unless you submit anonymously).
  • Registered users may get other perks as determined by WWSU staff.
Disclaimer: You are not officially joining the WWSU organization when you create an account on our website; you are creating a fan account. To join WWSU's organization officially and become a DJ or personality on our radio station, click here to learn how.