WWSU 106.9 FM Rules

Website Rules

If you are reading these rules from the join page, please note this disclaimer: "Joining" the WWSU website does not mean you are actually joining the WWSU organization; what you are doing is creating a fan account and profile. If you wish to join WWSU as a DJ, please check out this page to learn how.

When using our website, you agree to the following rules:


  • Please do not create multiple accounts
  • Do not abuse any features on our site, such as the points system
  • Do not engage in any activity, nor upload any content, that threatens the security of our website.


  • Please use English or provide an English translation in your content.
  • Do not submit copyrighted material unless you can provide proof you have permission to.
  • Do not encourage illegal activity on our website in accordance with U.S. law.
  • No inappropriate content nor discussion (such as pornography, sexually explicit conversation, or gore)
  • Do not encourage the purchase of, participation in, nor consumption of, drugs (including prescription drugs), alcohol, tobacco, weapons, gambling, nor products made from endangered species.
  • Do not spam; make sure your content is relevant to the location you're posting in.
  • Do not intentionally post content meant to hurt others, provoke drama, trigger intense emotion, nor discriminate.
  • Do not publicly post content from private sources
  • Do not use non-ASCII (special) characters on our website; it does not render them properly.
  • Do not use signatures larger than 5 lines of 12-point text, nor signature images bigger than 468 x 110 pixels.


  • Do not impersonate others.
  • Be mature and respectful.
  • No excessive swearing, defined as swearing to a level that disrupts the enjoyment of WWSU's community.
  • No discriminatory, non-inclusive, offensive, fraudulent, threatening, abusive, harassing, inflammatory, nor hateful behavior.
  • Respect the staff of WWSU and their decisions. If you have an issue, you may politely bring it up with a director.

Additional Information

  • Staff have the right but not the obligation to intervene when an issue occurs in the website community.
  • Staff have the right to modify these rules at any time without notice; please review them frequently.
  • Any member found to be causing a problem on our website may be subject to disciplinary measures, including but not limited to revocation of points; silencing from forums, topics, or comment threads; mandatory staff approval of content submitted for a period of time; suspension; and ban