Patriot Pat's Radio Blog - September 1, 2016

Today, I aired the first episode of my new show, "Debate", on WWSU Radio. Apart from a couple minor issues (simply because I wasn't used to being on the air for a while), the first episode was a success. I would have liked to see more listeners for the show, but hopefully within time, there will be a bigger following.

The guests were Ted, Gadfly, Josh Pena (later in the show), and Julie (a hopeful new DJ in the future).

Our first topic was whether or not homework policies should be changed so that formal homework is not assigned, but rather the only homework given is class work not finished. The general opinion among the radio guests were that homework should not be completely eliminated, since it does help with some subjects, but the workload should be lightened on students. Many students find their homework load to be overwhelming, and almost as if they are carrying a mini-school home with them.

Our debate in-between topic dealt with comparing some challenge in our life to the toy toddlers play with where you have a block and you need to try and fit shapes in it. Some interesting responses were made to that.

Our second debate, which was cut short due to time, dealt with whether or not the pink tax (tax on products for women) should be eliminated. The global consensus is that the tax is a sexist "punishment" on women, and therefore should definitely be removed.

Be sure to look for this episode. I'll be uploading it sometime within the next day or so. To hear it, go to and you'll see an option in the menu to listen to past episodes.