Nine Days After World Series

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Happy Veterans Day everyone, which means Wright State University is close on Friday L.  Thus, my show is cancelled due to closed campus on a holiday- Spoiler Alert: No show on Thanksgiving break.
Just nine days after Kris Bryant threw out Michael Martinez via groundout to end the longest drought without World Series victory (108 years).  With the Cubs became the World Series champions, the baseball offseason begins with a lot of questions from “which free agents will play for 2017 and beyond” or “which teams will be active on a free agency market?”  In addition, America chose Donald Trump to become the newest President of the United States last Wednesday morning. 
But first, nine proposals/topics/votes to address the biggest storylines in MLB (Major League Baseball), Contemporary Christian Music and a story about politics.
Since there will be a political topic in the story line, I will put my disclaimer here:
This show/blog does not represent the views of WWSU 106.9 FM, Wright State University, TRBS, MLB and the 30 ball clubs with the Commissioner Rob Manfred or the DJ which is me.
  1. We repeal all the Chicago Cubs curses.
Merkle Boner, Billy Goat Curse, Black Cat of 1969, Leon Durham of 1984, and Steve Bartman of 2003, what are those common Cubs fans?  These painful events that suffered the hearts of the Cubs fans for a quest to win the World Series.
Until Nov. 2, Cubs fans won’t forget this date as they celebrated as the World Champions.  The curse has been reversed… again by Theo Epstein (front office leader for the team).  He built the championship-based pieces from scratch: drafting players (Kris Bryant, Kyle Scharber, Albert Almora, Wilson Contreras), bringing young talent from trades (Jake Arrieta, Anthony Rizzo, Kyle Hendricks, Dexter Fowler, Addison Russell) to deadline deals (Aroldis Chapman) and smart free agents (Joe Maddon, Jason Heyward, Ben Zobrist, Jon Lester).  The moves were payed off with good season at the plate and on the mound and most importantly, World Series Champions. 
Both Kris Bryant, Joe Maddon and Kyle Hendricks are deserving to be in…
  1. BBWAA (Baseball Writers Association of America) need to look for candidates.
There were many deserving candidates to be in the mix for the awards (we will reveal the candidates and the winners later) but some of them were SUPPOSED TO BE IN, right?
Exhibit A: Zach Britton should have been in the American League Cy Young contention with 47 saves in 69 appearances with ERA (wait for it) of 0.54.  However, writers decided to not include him in three finalists (all of them are starters) because is a reliever.  If you look on the history of Cy Young, there were nine winners in history who strictly used as relievers.  What’s wrong with that.  Britton carried the Orioles to the playoff contention until his manager Buck Showalter didn’t let him to pitch in a one-game wildcard playoff versus the Toronto Blue Jays.  He was lights-out in the ninth inning for them.
Exhibit B: Why baseball writers didn’t put the late Jose Fernandez on the Cy Young finalist in a way to honor his dominance on the mound when he was alive?  Fernandez was supposed to be the next big thing in baseball with his demeanor presence, jovial personality and electric stuff (pitches).  He had 16 wins, 253 strikeouts and 12.5 strikeout per nine innings in 2016. 
Solution: I had a solution for these problems: watch the game and judge based on the statistics from “how they carried the team to postseason” and “how good they this season?” 
  1. Voting for the Rookie of the Year
Here’s the National League ROY candidates: Kenta Maeda (LAD), Corey Seager (LAD) and Trea Turner (WAS)

Verdict: Corey Seager, he hit .308 average, 26 home runs and 72 RBI’s this season while carried the injured-plagued Dodgers to the postseason.

What about the American League ROY candidates: Michael Fulmer (DET), Tyler Naquin (CLE) and Gary Sanchez (NYY)

Verdict: a toss-up between Fulmer and Sanchez but I vote for Gary Sanchez.  Why? Sanchez single-handily carried the Yankees back to the playoff chase despite trading away their talented pieces in trade deadline.  He had a historic pace, especially hit 20 home runs for the last two months of the regular season. 
  1. Voting for the Manager of the Year
Candidates of AL Manager of the Year: Jeff Banister (TEX), Terry Francona (CLE) and Buck Showalter (BAL)

Verdict: Terry Francona lead the Indians to the AL Pennant despite injuries in their rotation and in the lineup.  He also managed well when comes on the bullpen usage from Andrew Miller to Cody Allen.  So my pick will be: Francona

NL Candidates: Dusty Baker (WAS)- remember Reds fans, Joe Maddon (CHC), Dave Roberts (LAD)

Verdict: Imagine this: a used-to-be outfielder got injured and causes drama, two reliable arms (including their trade deadline acquisition) and their ace made stints on the disabled list I picked them to finished third behind D-Backs and Giants preseason.  These are their storylines but they overachieved this year thanks to their young shortstop named Corey Seager on offense and Kenley Jensen on the closer’s role.  Dave Roberts is will win the Manager of the Year, despite Joe Maddon’s Cubs won the World Series.
  1. Voting for the Cy Young
AL: Corey Kluber (CLE), Rick Poncello (BOS) and Justin Verlander (DET)

Verdict: This is reason why Zach Britton should have been this ballot.  My pick would be… Kluber? He was dominant this year for the Indians, especially on his renaissance season winning 18 games and struck out 227 batters.  In addition, he was lights out in postseason with 4-1 record with 1.83 ERA in six starts.  Only choice because Poncello got 22 years due to his team has run support while Verlander only won 16 games. 

NL Cy Young: Kyle Hendricks and Jon Lester (CHC) and Max Scherzer

Verdict:  Who have with an ERA of 2.13 (league leading) with 16-8 record, WHIP of 0.98 and only walked 44 times plus in five starts in postseason: 1-1, 1.42 ERA with 19 strikeouts- Kyle Hendricks needs to win the National League Cy Young this year.
  1. Voting for the Most Valuable Player (MVP)
AL Candidates: Jose Altuve (HOU), Mookie Betts (BOS) and Mike Trout (LAA)

Verdict: Trout’s MVP case is interesting.  Good news:.315 average, 29 home runs, 100 RBI’s, 30 stolen bases, 1st in on-base percentage and 2016 Silver Slugger for his fifth time (of his career), lead the Angels in most offensive categories while playing excellent defense.  Bad News: his team only won 74 games and missed the playoffs again and they wasted his Superstar status.  So, basically the AL MVP award goes to Mookie Betts- .318 average, 31 home runs and 113 RBI’s and leading the Red Sox to the division title.

NL Candidates: Kris Bryant (CHC), Daniel Murphy (WAS) and Corey Seager (LAD)

Verdict: Kris Bryan hit .292 average, 39 home runs and 102 RBI’s and played excellent defense at third base.  Also he had a great postseason and leading the Cubs to win the World Series since 1908.  No offense to Seager here, he will have a bright future for young star after carried the Dodgers to postseason. 
  1. These men who earn their stripes
Two award that I didn’t mentioned above was the Gold Glove Award and the Silver Slugger, here are the winners based on positions:
Gold Glove:
AL: C- Salvador Perez (Royals), 1B- Mitch Moreland (TEX), 2B- Ian Kinsler (DET), 3B- Adrian Beltre (TEX), SS- Francisco Lindor (CLE), LF- Brett Gardner (NYY), CF- Kevin Kiermaier (TBR), RF- Betts, P- Dallas Keuchel (HOU)
NL: C- Buster Posey (SFG), 1B- Rizzo, 2B- Joe Panik (SFG), 3B- Nolan Arenado (COL), SS- Brandon Crawford (SFG), LF- Starling Marte (PIT), CF- Ender Inciarte (ATL), RF- Heyward, P- Zach Greinke (ARZ)
Silver Slugger:
AL: C- Salvador Perez (Royals), 1B- Miguel Cabrera (DET), 2B- Altuve, 3B- Josh Donaldson (TOR), SS- Xander Bogaerts (BOS), OF’s- Betts, Trout and Mark Trumbo (BAL), DH- David Ortiz (BOS)
NL: C- Wilson Ramos (WAS), 1B- Rizzo (CHC), 2B- Murphy, 3B- Arenado, SS- Seager, OF’s- Charlie Blackmon (COL), Yoenis Cespedes (Mets), Christian Yelich (MIA), P- Jake Arrieta (CHC)
  1. I need to pass my referendum to the MLB Congress
I have a lot of bills (proposed law) that the MLB need to address this winter meetings (short description):
  1. Every Primetime Games from regular season, All-Star game and postseason (late games) should be at 7pm- I want all the kids to get involve in baseball and I don’t want them to wake up tired before going to school due to staying up all night.
  2. Agreement of Sending either Oakland A’s (possible Raiders move) or Tampa Bay Rays to Las Vegas. - They have a stadium issues for the A’s and Rays.  Also, one of them need to move to Montreal or Las Vegas.
  3. Repeal the Bona Fide Slide rule and anti-collision rule- Baseball collisions is a part of the game and also there are some confusions early of the year.
  4. Mandate the pace of the game rule: pitchers must throw within 15-20 seconds between pitches, between half innings should be 2:00 for regular, 2:30 for Primetime Games. - If you want the time of game shorter and the “pace of game” implement, they you need to be quick and don’t let baseball to be a boring sport.
  5. Repeal the All-Star Game Home Field Advantage for World Series- Thanks to Former Commissioner Bud Selig’s idea of making the All-Star game counts after a tie in 2002 All-Star Game, it affects the wins and losses to pennant winners and which team has a best record (for pennant winners) must have the Home-Field Advantage.
  6. Implement DH rule in the National League. - Pitchers are automatic outs (they hit below .200) and need more offense for both leagues.
  7. Agreement of decreasing the number of games to 154.We need the pitchers to be healthy all-yearlong due to increasing effects of Tommy John Surgery.  In a related story, wildcard games need to be in three games. 
  1. Harambe’s vote must not count
I don’t care if its real or false premise, Doug Criss of CNN International reported that 11,000 people voting a gorilla named Harambe in the election.  UPDATE: it was false and not true.
People asked me this question, “who’s or what is Harambe?”  Well, a late gorilla was killed by the park officials back in May after hurting a three-year old kid, who fell into the gorilla’s area.
There were some people taking pictures of voting this gorilla-turned into meme in the U.S. Election.  Whoever voted or attempted this asinine actions, they need to get a clue and grow up.  Seriously.  This election is serious.  As Americans, we vote who deserving to be in the White House TO CHANGE AND IMPACT THE NATION.  In a related story, our nation is now filled with memes or jokes that making fun in social media.  These clowns need to retake a Government or History lessons in school and if decide to make fun these election, they are clueless, lack of empathy and disgrace.  Second, under no circumstances YOU CANNOT TAKE A PICTURE OF YOUR BALLOT ON THE ELECTION- it must be confidential and some states ban it.  Also, enough of these Harambe jokes in my sight please, thank you.
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