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Issues That Matter

We debate and discuss issues that matter to the college community, local community, and our country. We use several unique formal and informal debating formats on the show.



Listeners can not only listen to the show, but can also participate via. asking questions, giving thoughts, and voting a side in a debate. You can call 937-775-5555 or use the chat room at .

Anyone can be a guest

Anyone can Be a Guest

Anyone can be a guest on our radio show. WWSU is located in 018 Student Union at Wright State University. Please let us know in the "upcoming topics" forum/page if you plan to join.

Prizes for winners

Prizes for Winners

Sometimes we will give away prizes to the winners of a debate. Of course, the only way to earn any prizes is to be on our show. So come join the fun!

Our show airs Thursdays 4pm-5:30pm ET starting September 1!

DISCLAIMER: The views and opinions expressed on "Debate" do not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of WWSU Radio nor Wright State University. In addition, the views and opinions of our show guests do not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of their respective organizations or departments.