Show Format

Debate is a fun, educational, and open forum radio show. Show guests and listeners alike can enjoy this show for its organized debate structures on important and current issues, as well as the ability to express opinions and stances on these issues.

Listeners to the show may at any point leave us messages, thoughts, or inquiries via.'s "Message DJ" function at the top of the page in the second (dark) bar. We will periodically check these messages and respond to them live on the air.

The following is our loosely-formatted show structure for Debate. This format isn't always followed, but is a general outline for how the radio show runs:

Breaking News

At the beginning of the show, if there are any pressing current events in the world that are of high importance, we will spend a few minutes talking about these events

"Headlines in Four"

This segment comes after Breaking News, if we had any, or at the beginning of the show if there are no breaking news.

In this segment, we spend 2 minutes briefly covering local news and headlines from both Wright State's Campus and the Miami Valley of Ohio. The second 2 minutes is then spent briefly covering national and world news and headlines. At the end of the 4 minutes, radio show guests may choose to spend a few extra minutes discussing any of the headlines in further detail. Listeners may also provide thoughts on these stories via. our "Message DJ" function on .

Introduction to Radio Show Guests

After the headlines, we will introduce everyone who is on our show for that episode. Some of the questions we may ask our guests include but are not limited to name, major(s) if applicable, organization affiliations, political spectrum (left-wing, right-wing, authoritarian, libertarian, etc.), party (republican, democrat, libertarian, green, etc.), and most passionate issues to them (gun control, freedom of speech, etc.).


Next, we go right into the meat of our radio show: the debates. This is where the fun happens and where our guests debate various issues. You may wish to check out our Debate Formats page to see a list of formats we use in our debates and how they work.

Debate In-Betweens 

Most shows will consist of more than one debate. We will spend a little time in between debates to "de-brief" by talking about something more casual and fun. This can vary, from fun conversational topics, to other campus issues, to improv games, contests, and more.

Topic of the Week (by The Lovinity Community+)

One of the ways we may spend the Debate In-Betweens is by taking a look at one of the topics of the week from The Lovinity Community+ ( . Topics can greatly range from fun conversation to discussions about current news and issues and more.

Game of the Week

Another in-between we may do on the show is something called game of the week. Here, a social game will be played amongst the radio show guests as well as you, the listeners (via. chat room, request line, etc.). Games we may play include but are not limited to "Would you Rather?", "Story time (various spin-offs)", "Pants on Fire", and many others.

Show Closing

Finally, when the show comes to an end, we will spend the time thanking the participants who came on the show. They will all get a chance to promote themselves and/or their organization on the radio and mention any important events coming up. We will then also mention what our debate topics are planned for next week's show, if applicable, and to promote Debate and its social media.