The Young Raiders

Radio show name The Young Raiders
Show host(s)

Patrick Schmalstig

Show times (Eastern Time)

Sundays 4pm-6pm

Short Description The Young Raiders is a radio show that brings you campus happenings, local news, national politics, debating, and many fun segments. We have the phone line open for you to call in to share your thoughts at 937-775-5555. Here is a non-comprehensive list of segments on our show:

*Headlines in 4 - Usually this segment happens at the beginning of the show. We present the latest local and national current events in 4 minutes.
*Rapid Fire Debate - Usually this segment happens at about 4:20pm. Our guests participate in a fast-paced energetic debate centered around a timely issue.
*Pants On Fire - We try to fact check statements said by the public and politicians.
*Bad to the Bone - We read off unusual and sometimes funny stories of police arrests and crimes.
*What Grinds My Gears - It's the rant and vent segment where we rant about whatever is grinding our gears.
*Dayton's Not Dead - We talk about a local and cultural event that is happening or has happened in our community.
*End Of The Line - Usually this segment happens around 5:40pm. This is our last official segment where we usually present weird news, casual discussion, fun improv games, and so on.
*Da Bad Boy - Ike B hosts his Old School Hip Hop & R&B show right after ours at 6pm. Just before we close off our show, we pass the mic to him so he can give a preview of what's to come in The Ike B. Show.


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